Eindhoven, is it in Holland or in The Netherlands?

Eindhoven is located in the Southeast of The Netherlands. It’s closer to Dusseldorf, Germany and Antwerp, Belgium than it is to Amsterdam.

Have you ever referred to England when pointing towards Wales? Ever mentioned Texas when you actually meant the entire USA? Or, more common, calling the USA “America” while ignoring Canada or anything between Mexico and the Southern tip of Chile? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Same thing counts in this little country. Holland is just a part of The Netherlands. Holland includes the three biggest cities but doesn’t include the rest of the country, neither Eindhoven hence the mentioning of this delicate topic here. History caused this misunderstanding. Holland and the Netherlands are not two names for the same country, but rather that Holland is the former name for part of it.

Why is it so important to make this distinction, you may ask.
The answer is simple; it’s incorrect not to. Many people take issue, both outside and inside the historic Holland. For some people it’s just plain silly to use an unofficial name for a country, while for others it’s completely insulting. Many people have a lot more in common with their neighbours in Germany or Belgium than they do with their compatriots in other parts of their country. Perhaps even more important, until just a few decades ago the country was divided along religious lines as well, with the northern half being mostly protestant, while in the south the catholics formed the vast majority.

Many people, including Dutch and including our government still prefer to use the H-word as “It sounds better abroad”

Eindhoven de gekste?

A phrase often heard is “Eindhoven De Gekste”. It’s been used nationwide on national radio, television and newspapers whenever referring to Eindhoven. Difficult to translate but “the most craziest” or “el más loco” gets closest. Where does thát come from? Doesn’t have anything to do that Eindhoven has a relatively high percentage of autistics. Same counts for high-tech areas like Sillicon Valley and Cambridge. Reality is much more simple. One PSV-supporter (rest in peace buddy) once shouted it during a PSV Football game. It’s been picked up easily by the others and a cult-name was born. This cry was loud, simple, effective and funny at the same time. It’s been over 20 years ago but the legend lives one, appearing on stickers, T-shirts and even used by official local Government. Eindhoven de Gekste! EhvdGxt that is.



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